New project Vampire NG

Dear pilots,

let us introduce our new project called Vampire NG “next generation” which is based on the original and very successful glider Vampire f3b.

As is know the gliders use for f3b category only, have to fulfill the demanding requirements of all tasks — should have a very good flying quality in duration, distance and speed. It is really very difficult (e.g. in terms of wing airfoils) to achieve all these requirements for 100%, therefore is necessary to find out some compromise, as confirmed Vampire f3b convincingly.

Thanks to predominantly positive experiences with Vampire f3b there was no reason to diverge from its original design significantly.

Our target on Vampire NG was to keep the equally good flying quality same as Vampire f3b (which was designed especially for f3b category) and, above that, to adapt its design for competitive slope flying — category f3f, or DS, for which this glider will be mainly used. This is what lead us to several changes, e.g. to decrease the wing — span (keeping similar wing-geometry), to use Dirk Pflug airfoils across the wing and to use special wing and fuselage structure technology.

As the first flights showed - Vampire NG is a very fast glider, stable in turning and with a very solid body. We are looking forward to your feedbacks.

Team Zdenek & Zdenek jun