The world-wide success of the Stratos soarers family has created an excellent starting point for the design of the TSUNAMI model. A close co-operation with Mr. Helmut Quabeck and 2002 F3J World Champion Arend Borst has been materialised in an outstanding F3J model. The wing area is basically the same as with the Stratos 3; however the aspect ratio has been increased from 15.22 to 15.95. The wing manufactured in an accurate CNC milled mould has got a 7.9% HQW section with 2.5% camber. The three-piece wing has the wingspan 3250 mm. The model is manufactured in three versions depending on materials used - GFC, CFC and Super Light. The latest Tsunami Super Light comprises a different technology and the use of new materials ensuring a big advantage of the extremely low all-up weight (from 1850 g).

Basic Equipment RC gear compartment RC gear compartment All moving tailplane
V-tail Wing Tsunami cross Tsunami V
Tsunami V Tsunami V Tsunami Cross Tsunami V Tsunami Cross Tsunami Cross - fuse Tsunami - fuse Tsunami Tsunami detail Tsunami detail Tsunami flap Tsunami flap Tsunami wing